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There is a modern day pet population crisis is happening right now that drastically needs to be brought under control as soon as possible. Our best weapon against this trend is having our pets spayed and neutered. Our recognition of this crisis is the reason we have made contributing to a solution a huge part of our overall mission. We provide affordable, high-quality wellness procedures including spays, neuters, micro-chipping and vaccinations performed by highly trained, expert veterinarians who care about your pets just as much as you do.

Get your pets spayed and neutered early in life to maximize the benefits of the procedure.

We offer several packages that can include any or all of the procedures we perform in order to help pets and pet owners enjoy life with sound peace of mind. Many clinics price their procedures at price points that are financially intimidating which can persuade pet owners to forego potentially beneficial procedures and in effect being put in a position to have to choose sacrificing their pets health to maintain financial well-being. We would never want to put ourselves or anyone else in a position to have to make a choice like that, which is why we take a wholesome approach to our relationships with pets and their owners. Our philosophy on overall wellness has made us a leading clinic in the Phoenix area as our clients routinely return and recommend us to others!

There are several benefits to having your pets spayed and neutered aside from helping reign in the overpopulation crisis, including:

 Benefits of Spaying Female Cats & Dogs:

  • Prevents your pet from contracting testicular cancer
  • Reduces the natural urge for your pet to mark its territory by spraying urine
  • Can reduce aggressive behavior and the pet’s instinct to roam

Benefits of Neutering Male Cats & Dogs:

  • Prevents uterine cancer and infections
  • Greatly reduces the chance of breast cancer
  • The cost of having your animal spayed or neutered is far less than the costs incurred by treating the conditions they prevent

We also partner with local rescue shelters to help keep their rescues healthy and adoptable. We perform spays and neuters for shelters every year in addition to performing many in our animal hospital annually.

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