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Pet Wellness Exams & Checkups

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Your pet can greatly benefit from our regular wellness checkups and examinations from Power Road Animal Hospital. No matter if your pet is young or old, wellness checkups are an excellent opportunity to thoroughly examine your pet and start a health profile for them. That information helps us diagnose medical issues and any other problems that may be affecting your pets quality of life and health.

Our wellness examinations include inspecting your pets major organ systems. We also use this visit to ask questions about your pet including: Appetite, behavior, regular activities at home and exercise habits. This is also the perfect time to run any diagnostic testing or recommend vaccinations that are needed. If your pet appears to be health, a wellness examination is still a good idea to identify any ongoing changes including: Weight loss or gain and any other changes that may not appear at home. Wellness examinations are also helpful to spot early signs of problems with your pets health.

This is also the perfect opportunity to ask us questions about your pet. No question is too big or too small, and we take pleasure in addressing your pets health concerns. We help you understand your pets health situation and encourage being involved in the decision making process regarding the health of your pet.

In conclusion, wellness checkups help us create a relationship with your pet and you. Through physical consultations, wellness procedures and physical examinations, we get to know your pet and his or her personality, lifestyle, home environment, health risks and other important information. We strongly urge you to use wellness checkups and examinations to actively take a role in your pets health.

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