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Heartgard® Plus

Heartgard® Plus Dog Chews Mesa AZ

Welcome to Power Road Animal Hospital – a Heartgard Plus provider based out of Mesa, Arizona. Customers can purchase Heartgard Plus at our online pharmacy. Read below to learn more about Heartgard Plus heartworm chewable tablets for dogs. Have questions about this medication or want to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians about Heartgard Plus? Call us today at (480) 641-4141 or schedule online.

Heartgard Plus Description

Heartgard Plus a is chewable tablet that prevents heartworm disease and treats and controls ascarid, roundworms, and hookworm infections in dogs. The tablets should be prescribed by a veterinarian and should be given to your dog monthly.

Heatgard plus is for dogs that are 6 weeks old or more with no weight requirements

Benefits of Heartgard Plus

  • Dogs really like the taste
  • Effective control of hookworms, roundworms, and heartworms
  • Taken by mouth once a month

How Heartgard Plus Works:

These chewable tablets contain ivermectin, an antiparastic medication that helps prevent heartworms. It also contains Pyrantel Pamoate, which is an anthelminthic needed to prevent hookworms and roundworms.


Herding breeds of dogs are more sensitive to the effects of ivermectin do to their MDR1 gene. These types of dogs may be affected: Border Collie, Australian Shepherd Mini, English Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, and Collie.

Medication should be kept away from other pets or children.

The tablets should not be swallowed hold, they should be chewed. If you dog is known to swallow treats whole, you should break the tablets down into smaller pieces. Make sure they take the whole dose. This treatment is important to give your dog every month of the year. Winter months are especially important.

What if I miss a dose?

If you only missed 1 dose, give the dog the dose as soon as you remember. Never double up on doses. Missed 2 months or more? See your veterinarian ASAP!

What questions should I ask my vet about giving Heartgard Plus to my dog?

Make sure you ask about any allergic reactions your dog may have to the medication or its ingredients.

Heartgard Plus has been proven safe for pregnant dogs, stud dogs, and puppies that are 6 weeks of age or more.

Is there anything my pet should avoid while taking Heartgard Plus medication?

While taking Heartgard Plus make sure your dog:

  • Is free on fleas
  • Doest eat uncooked meat
  • Do not eat uncooked fish

Heartgard Plus Sid Effects:

Low doses of Heartgard Plus have rare side effects. Higher doses of Heartgard Plus may cause dilated pupils, tremors, loss of weight, and death.

Can I give my dog Heartgard Plus if they are already taking another heartworm medication?

No, do not give your dog Heartgard Plus if they are already taking another medication.

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