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Cat & Dog Tooth Extractions Mesa

Dog & Cat Tooth Extractions Mesa

Welcome to Power Road Animal Hospital! We provide Cat & Dog Tooth Extractions in Mesa, Arizona. We also provide pet dental cleaning services to keep your cat’s and dog’s teeth healthy and prevent diseases. Learn more about the animal (Dog & Cat) dental care services we provide below.

Your Pet’s Mouth Is Where Most Health Problems Start


Periodontal disease, tartar, plaque, and infected teeth are a source of inflammation and infection in your pet’s body. All of these problems are a source of pain for your pet. When these problems arise, Power Road Animal Hospital can help! We provide pet (cat & dog) dental care including; dog and cat tooth extractions, minor oral pet surgeries, and pet dental cleaning.

Dog Teeth Extractions

Dog-Tooth-Extractions-MesaOur Pet Hospital knows that good dental health keeps your canine in excellent health overall. Canine periodontitis is one of the most common bacterial infections in canines that happen in the mouth. But, with good dog dental care, you can help your prevent your canine companion from getting dental disease.

If you dog has stinky breath, swollen or red gums, teeth really yellow or brown, losing or missing teeth, or losing weight due to not eating as much, there is a chance your dog has periodontal disease or some other form of dental disease. If any of these scenarios pertain to your canine, bring them in to see our Veterinarian’s immediately.

Cat Teeth Extractions

Cat-Tooth-Extractions-MesaOur Animal Hospital understands that good dental health keeps your cat in excellent health overall. Feline dental problems usually go undetected until their pain is so severe that they can barely function. Cats are known for hiding their discomfort and usually won’t show any signs until they are in the worst condition.

Cats experience a variety of dental diseases such as feline tooth resorption, tooth fractures, gum diseases and more. When these problems happen with your feline companion, feline tooth extraction may be necessary. However, we will try everything we can before offering the tooth extraction solution.

Pet Dental Cleaning

Pet-Dental-Care-MesAPet dental cleanings are performed under general anesthesia in order to properly and safely examine and clean the teeth. Most pets should receive a dental exam at least one time per year. This dental exam includes, supragingival and subgingival cleaning, polishing, intraoral evaluation and further periodontal therapy.

The initial treatment plan is set after the oral examination is complete. Your vet will discuss different options and then the client will be able to decide of the treatment plan that best suits their pet.

Pet Oral Exams


After your pet’s teeth have been cleaned and polished, your vet will also perform an oral exam to make sure your dog or cat doesn’t have any signs of gum disease or other dental diseases. Extensive dental diseases will require the teeth or tooth to be removed (extracted). Schedule an appointment to see one of our friendly vet’s today by giving us a call at (480) 641-4141 or stop by our animal hospital in Mesa today!

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